Friday, December 01, 2006

Mr2Nice123:– A single 40-somethings guide to dating

No contest!

Well, I assume you have been waiting breathlessly by the keyboard pressing refresh to get the scoop on my latest dating exploits! As you can see by the time gap I have been busy. Here’s the details.

Went on third date with “J”. Again, nice but bland. Only gave me a peck goodnight. He then informed me that it was ‘my turn’ to make plans with him if I so wished. I pretty much spent the whole date (concert) thinking about the next evening with “R”.
Second date with “R” was additionally amazing. He came over and we cooked dinner together then saw the latest Bond flick. Now after the first great (but chaste) date, I warned him there would be kissing involved! And there was….lots. Funny, good cook, nice guy. Amazing kisser. And I was a good girl, despite the fact that I wanted him to rip my clothes off pretty much from the second we kissed.

However, during the week (prior to date #2 with “R”) I made firm plans to see “W”. After date with “R” I really wanted to break that date. There is no way I can spend that much time getting to know two guys. What if they were both nice?? What then?? Did I want to spend another date thinking of “R” and not who I was with?? AAAAAAAH. So I called and cancelled. Felt like crap about it but at least a mature piece of crap. He was very nice and said keep his number in case things don’t work out with “R”. Have avoided calling “J” though which I must at some point do. Oh, also High School Hottie called in the midst of all this and I had to tell him no more booty calls. (so many men, so little time!)

Third date was a sleepover with “R”. Must not get into details or Arlene’s site will get an R rating (get it??). Suffice to say expectations were met, and exceeded exponentially. Have pulled my profiles from dating sites, too. Is it possible to meet someone this great so fast? Am I crazy? Will I be good and call “J” with an explanation or suck out?? Is this all too good to be true???
…..Note to self: stop analyzing and enjoy it while I can!!


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