Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just me.. and ... my Camera...

underneath the mistle.....Okay let me stop right there! I was trying to get a picture of my camera, how does one do that without getting into the shot. So here it is!

Oh no, I'm exposed without lipstick!

In other news, my Indie Glam Chenille tote was featured on the front page of Etsy in the wee hours, and I missed it!

This is the bagThe list was curated by another Etsy seller called PicturesofLily. She combined combinations of grey and red and called it Elephants and Lipstick. What a brilliant name!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

I'm sorry I didn't dress you up like previous years, it's just that, well, you know, things have been crazy around here. I promise to do better next year ;-)
A few weeks ago my camera broke - it just stopped working, no warning signs or anything. I bought myself a new one, it is a Canon Powershot S5IS. It has a lot of potential but it is taking me a long time to figure out all the bells and whistles.
I decided to try out this particular one with the tree. It is a black and white but certain colours are highlighted. I still need to work on it though. Hopefully I will be able to on my time off.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

'Tis the Season

to be greatful, and greatful and thankful I am! Thank you for making this a great season for me. I have added a few new accessories so if you haven't been to the boutique in awhile, now is a great time to check it out!
The Playdough Snowman is compliments of Jolie.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

Meet Ashley

The simplified version of my Tie Scarf. She is reversible and looks more feminine. She debuted in my shop on the weekend and was Sold! I have another one available not to worry. I'll be making her in different combinations of wool and fleece.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sneak Peak

I am working on a new line of Necktie Scarfs. I envision either a man or woman wearing it. The construction is similar to how a necktie is made but much easier to put on.

I'm still stuck on the name so if you have suggestions you would like to share, please do so.

I would also love your feedback on how it looks as well as if you think I should market it to a man, woman or both.

Thanks for you help!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I know the Secret!

Well not that secret. The secret of how to wear pointy shoes aka. cockroach killers!

I think heels, especially the pointy toe ones are so sexy. I haven't been able to wear either of them - until now. I spotted these gems yesterday and tried on the only size I could reach. They didn't feel high and my toes weren't being squeazed as if in a vise.

I ususally wear size 8.5 in boots, but these babies are a size 10! s

So I guess the secret is to go up a size or more.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Word to the Brown

It's been about brown lately for me. I just love how warm and neutral it is and how it goes with any colour! Here are a few browns from my shop:

Tuscan Leather Wallet

Leather Wrist Pouch - Slick Black on Brown

On the Go Leather Wrist Band Cuff - Brown Truffle

Leather Zippered Wrist Pouch - Wood Grain

Leather Wrist Purse - Ostrich Brown

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I can now be found on Dawanda!

Check it out~!
My goal is to develop a slightly different product line than offered on Etsy. Your suggestions are welcome.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Pumpkin has left the building!

Another Halloween has come and gone. This year was the best ever. Jolie enjoyed herself immensely! Even with all the excitement she remembered her manners and was quite thoughtful too. I am a proud Mama for sure.

Thank you to everyone who commented on her costume and gave compliments. We both appreciated it.

I leave you with another picture of a happy 6 year-old.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Princess Jolie

Well I did it! I finished it on Sunday, all that is left to do is to find a Tiara. I wanted to make one but decided to purchase one instead. She will be wearing the outfit to school on Wednesday for the Dance-a-thon and then after that she's off for trick-or-treat.

I used some velvet I had laying around for the pink you see in the skirt and the sleeves. This costume was put together with the use of my serger and handsewing. The experience was well worth it and in the end, I became a Hero!

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Princess Diaries

Why do I do this to myself? Every year I promise to make my daughter's Halloween costume and at the last minute because I didn't plan it well, I buy one at the store! Well this year both her and my hubby have made me feel so guilty that I have to do it. Not that I'm giving myself much time - Wednesday is right around the corner!

The Challenge:

Make this
sore sight turn into fashionable Princess wear.

Wish me luck, I'll need it!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A face only a Daughter could love

We are still practicing our embroidery and since Jolie needs a new 'baby' soon, I told her I would make a replacement.

Her current baby is tattered and looks like she was in some kind of accident. Stuffing coming out from all sorts of holes and the fabric worn onion skin thin. You should see the mess. She won't give it up though, she calls it her 'Blue baby' . I don't know why since it isn't or wasn't originally.

It is supposed to be in my image, so please don't hold it against me. The other eye was supposed to be filled in but I kind of like it the way it is. Those lips are supposed to be puckered lips just ready to give a good night kiss. Yeah, yeah, I know - I'm reaching!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Thursday October 7th

Hey My Metro Man Wallet made the Front Page!

I really need to buy me a lottery ticket!

I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 of my cuffs featured on a treasury by Msgarden. She has a wonderful shop on Etsy that does a body good!

More on the treasury and the comments here.

More men things can be seen here.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Blind Leading the Blind

I decided to teach myself and my daughter how to hand embroider. I know nothing about it but have a great appreciation and respect for the beautiful work that can be created. In particular I love Crewel embroidery. I discovered a piece in a thrift shop and ever since I keep searching for info on the topic. I found this really cool site that has tutorials for the many stitches I will soon master.

So if any masters out there who happen to read this and want to send some tips and tricks my way, please by all means do!

I decided to practice on some felted wool. I tried the backstitch, splitstitch and the French knot which I saw demonstrated on the HGTV program, She's Crafty.

I was told that I shouldn't mix stitches in the same design - ignorance is bliss ;-)

Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm Falling for Lolita!

For this version I cut out little leaves and top-stitched them on with a decorative stitch. It was hard to capture the beauty of the lining on this one, so you have to trust me, it's to die for!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I want one!

I've been seeing a lot of cute metal framed coin purses lately and wanted one for myself. I decided to make one in leather and add a key chain. I liked it so much I just may start producing them for my shop. Let me know what you think please.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

What colour is this?

I just finished my newest all leather Dana Wristlet Wallet and have no idea what to call this colour. I would love to hear what you think it should be called.

Here's is what I have so far:

Butternut Squash

I plan to list this in my shop on Monday so if you can think of anything, please let me know.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My New Bag

I finally own my own Urban Pagoda - my Signature line.

I did this one in leather and it has a butterfly cutout. I even experimented with some beadwork.

Paid for by my advertising budget :-)

Friday, September 21, 2007

What is the common Thread?

What do these five items have in common? Well other than the fact that I created them, they are all featured on Treasuries right now on Etsy! How cool is that eh?

All are still available in my shop!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Studio Revealed

It is still a work in progress but I decided to share my space with all of you. Way back in April I showed pic of my studio when it was in the downstairs location. Now here it is in the upstairs location. I hope you like it.

First up is my drafting and cutting table. Underneath I have my filing cabinet, drawers that hold tools and a book shelf for my drafting and sewing books.

You can see a wooden stool that I covered. I rarely sit when I'm drafting or cutting though. Whose ideas was it to use such a light colour anyway. It's a good thing I really don't sit on it, I would hate to see rubbed off dye on it.

This is my desk where I update my blog, edit pics and browse Etsy. I cleaned up the mess that is usually there. I would love to keep it that cleared.

I got that chair at a thrift store and plan to cover the yellow parts. I will probably go with a faux suede red colour to add some contrast.

I fell in love with the lines even though it is not a very pratical office chair because it is not on wheels.

My inspiration board may move so that I can add another shelf to place my stuff. I sure have a lot of stuff!

The desk to the right of my desk is where Agent 31 does her crafting. It also is where my BabyLock sits.

This is the space above my desk. I really need to re-organize and make it work to my advantage. Perhaps you can suggest something. I am so bad at optimizing my space.

I was thinking that maybe I should put my finished goods up there. What do you think about that?

Or should I just put the obvious, books! Books on shelves, what a novel idea? LOL.

Next up is my sewing area. I have my BabyLock, my Elna on a shelf above and beside I have my industrial Leather machine KOBE. I plan on getting another industrial soon to replace my BabyLock.
Since shipping is a part of my business, I needed a shipping area. This is where I weigh my packages. The drawers are great for housing my shipping items such as bubble mailers and anything that goes out in my packages.

That was an old dresser that belonged to my daugher. I covered the front of the drawers with a cool wallpaper that has maps on it. I love the red and taupe colour. I changed the knobs to the red ones you see pictured.
Don't you just love the big 'ole clock? I have a thing for clocks, the bigger the better for me.
I updated all the switch plates and outlet plates to silver too. I hated what was there before.

The basket above is where I put my small outgoing packages that will fit.

This is where all the pressing is done! Underneath I have shelves that I keep my interfacing and other pressing supplies on.
These shelves above the pressing station keep my pressing tools at hand and in sight!

The next photos show where I keep my overflowing collection of fabric. Seriously it is getting out of hand. I even have fabric in other rooms!

Ladies and gents, get ready for my AREA of SHAME!
I have this huge t.v. in my studio that I don't need. My husband is supposed to remove it when he finishes the den. Do I have to wait another 6 months before I end up moving it myself?

Once that t.v. and the base that it rests on goes, I will be able to get more of my stuff organized. That's how I hope it will play out.

When I'm in my studio I just listen to the t.v. anyhow.

I can't wait for it to be out. Of course it will be replaced with a smaller t.v. - I do need to watch/listen to my soaps after all ;-)

So there you have it, a revealing look into Sewlutions' World Studio!

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