Friday, November 09, 2007

Word to the Brown

It's been about brown lately for me. I just love how warm and neutral it is and how it goes with any colour! Here are a few browns from my shop:

Tuscan Leather Wallet

Leather Wrist Pouch - Slick Black on Brown

On the Go Leather Wrist Band Cuff - Brown Truffle

Leather Zippered Wrist Pouch - Wood Grain

Leather Wrist Purse - Ostrich Brown


marsha said...

Brown is my all time favourite colour. It's so earthy, warm and just so hip! Those are seriously cool stuff you made! Love the antique and worn look they all have! Great job there!

plasticpumpkin said...

As fall fades into winter, more and more brown appears! You're righton target with the seasons. :-)

Sing Yee said...

Wow! Lovely browns! Those leather cuffs sure look good. :)

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