Friday, September 07, 2007

Meet Buddy

The duck with no luck. Well that is how it started. He is a sample I made for a wholesale deal gone bad. He didn't fly the coop but looks happy watching over me creating in my sewing room.

Speaking of sewing room, I finally finished painting the new upstairs location. My Husband was supposed to do that back in April but you know men. You can glimse a bit of the colour on the left handside of the picture.

I will be revealing the new studio soon, once I get everything in order.

Did I mention how much I hate painting?


marsha said...

i think he looks SO CUTE!!!! adorable and oh so sweet!!!! can;t wait for you to unveil your newly painted studio!!!

knitsteel said...

Buddy is adorable, and my children agreed.

ryc- I like the book "Elegant Stitches" by Judith Baker Montano for crazy quilt stitches and inspiration. She has a great section in the back showing how she goes from sketches to actual embroidered pieces.

fernfiddlehead said...

Well he looks like a lucky duck to me. Adorable!! You're so lucky to have a sewing room. I've never had one. Always wanted one. My machine is always in a room that is used for multiple purposes. Can't wait to see your photos of yours so I can drool.

Robin said...

Buddy is adorable and I love your paint color!

However, my fellow etsian...

See my blog for details!

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