Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring into some Home Dec Action!

I've been meaning to recover my sofa's seat cushions for like a year now. I finally did it. I was lucky to find the same fabric as the sofa, but it wasn't the same shade and not enough to do the whole thing.

I used a funky fabric for the gussets, which I will tie in by doing cushion covers and incorporate the rest of it in drapery some how.

These cushions need a good pressing but I was pooped by the time I finsihed. I'm glad it is finally done and it only took an afternoon.

Onwards, to the next project!


HobbyZu said...

I like it, it looks great! Now you can come do mine! Hee-hee ;-)

marsha said...

I'm truly amazed at anyone who can sew ... so when I see someone actually upholstering her own sofa, I'm like, "Whoa!!!!" :)

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