Thursday, May 07, 2009

Flowers for a Rainy Day

Tip for your life: Be grateful for what you have because things could always be worse. I had a bad dream last night that I backed into someone's car. The young guy just got his license and wanted to beat me up. His lawyer was there in a heart beat and I got the feeling it just wasn't my fault. Anyway, I prayed to God asking for a re-do so this incident never happened. I even reached deep into my head for clues that it was just a dream. Sadly, it seemed that it was a reality. When I woke up this morning I was so thankful that I got my re-do.

Maybe it was a lesson to not be complacent, not take things for granted and always be careful.

I am thankful for my life and all those in it.


Urban Heirlooms said...

"Into each life some rain must fall..."

Thanks for this post. So needful in a rainy dreary week such as this has been. Just think: without the rain, we couldn't have incredibly beautiful flowers like that. I forget sometimes.

Nice photography!

Zu said...

That's a good lesson to learn. I remind myself of the good things in life whenever I start feeling negative. Life could always be so much worse, be thankful for what you've been given, no matter how small. :-)
If only it was easy to teach this to kids. Gemaine is a hard nut to crack!

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