Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mr2Nice123: A single 40-somethings guide to dating

Chemistry…. does it grow or is it there from the beginning??

OK, in the last couple of weeks (since date with coffee guy) I changed my pics on the dating sites. Now I’m finding my self pretty popular. (Can you hear me dancing to my theme song ‘It’s Raining Men’ by the Weathergirls??)

So far the action has been: one date with ‘D’ mentioned at the end of the last blog, with 2 more planned. Date with ‘R’ planned for this week. Phone conversations from ‘W’ and ‘J’ to take place some time in the future. Lots of smiles, nods, winks and various “How you doin’s?” from assorted other men who are not exactly what I’m looking for. Oh, oh now what….

OK, as for ‘D’. Super nice, interesting, makes me laugh, a sweet man so far....based on a couple of weeks of e-mails, phone conversations etc. However when I was actually with him I did not feel any physical chemistry from my side. (Kind of nerdy & shorter than me a bit) Now I know when this physical chemistry hits me, remember High School Hottie? Basically he could just smile at me and my clothes just kind of jumped off my body (or was that me jumping him?).

So girls, a conundrum…does a physical attraction grow? So far I’ve had a consistent vote for the no's. (3 for 3) He is so nice, too. I’m going to see him this week for dinner.

My gut is I will know for sure after I have dinner Sunday with ‘R’, with whom my gut is telling me (after e-mails and phone conversations as well) is a rip my clothes off type of guy.

Votes please, nice or naughty!


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