Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mr2Nice123:– A single 40-somethings guide to dating

Crazy times in datingland!

Times like these it’s best to have some good friends to lean on for advice. Arlene of course is always helpful and the best for a gal’s point of view. Like pointing out “Sympathy dates can lead to stalkers” or “His problem is he was Raised on a Planet that does Not have the Same Social Rules as Earth”…..but sometimes it’s handy to have a straight single male’s point of view. Kind of like a testosterone translation service for single gals. And of course the following are out:
· Relatives, who will be shocked at your social life (“You’d kiss him on the third date? Slut!”)
· the guy you are seeing, who will tell you what you want to hear
· gay friends, will tell you how fabulous you are, but may not have great straight advice

Luckily, I have one easily reached by e-mail. He’s been handy to have in my pocket so far – my last question on how to let someone down gently after a few dates (see ‘kissing your brother’ above) netted 2 possible responses and a rationale for each. So if you are single, please find one now. Invaluable, I promise.

For an update on the dating front – dinner last week with “D” again, -- again, nice. I think he has not had a lot of experience with women. No flirting (ok some moony eyes over the curry), no arm touching, or move to kiss. I did give him a quick peck goodbye (sorry Arlene) but no more chemistry. And he referred to it as a ‘smooch’ in an e-mail later. So, I’ve promised to accompany him to an event that needed prior confirmation on Saturday, but then I need to not see him anymore. I wish I could give him some confidence!!

Phone conversations with “W” and “J” took place, conversation with “W” turned into a quick coffee the next day, verrry nice. “J” nice on the phone too, but probably won’t meet him in person, his lifestyle is a bit collegiate for me at this point, so we probably wouldn’t have a lot in common.

Dinner with “R” was great…planning to get together again this week. He is definitely a rip my clothes off kind of guy…but was a complete gentleman (I set ground rules ahead of time and he was good at following them!). He also sends the best flirty e-mails. And he has a deep purring voice….sigh...

My conundrum now is whether to see “W” again, or to wait to see what develops with “R”...stay tuned!!


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