Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's shiny, new and Red all over?

It is not a new sports car but sure would make any man jealous! It is my new tool chest. I wanted something that I could house all of my metal hardware in one place.

It has 4 drawers and the hood lifts up. I still need to get more dividers for it and have to transfer over all my rivets and snaps from another system but I couldn't wait to show it off.

It fits under my riveting station, so everything I need will be right on hand.

The 'hood' opens up so I have chosen to put my leather working tools there.

This drawer is almost filled up. The bottom one is deeper than the other three:

I think I'm running out of room already! :-)


Anonymous said...

Very nice. I receive tool boxes for Christmas to organize my metalsmithing supplies and I love them. I wanted red which is my favorite color but they didn't have them in that color. Have fun organizing.

Zu said...

Oooh I want one of those too! I love any kind of organizer container/box. :-)
Too bad it's not a sports car, but it's still pretty cool. ;-)

Mary Ann said...

I am so jealous. It's beautiful. So much better then lots of little storage boxes, which is what I have at the moment.

Urban Heirlooms said...

Sexy Sexy!!! Much nicer than the shiny red wig I guessed at. ;-) That is the red Corvette of the tool aisle!

I've always loved those red metal tool chests, even since I was a kid, wandering the aisles with my parents at Sears. I hope that puts a smile on your face every time you reach for your hardware.

KrazyCricutKid said...

loooooks great!

Sara Millis said...

Oh brilliant I love a bit of organization... waiting to move out of where I am before I can really attempt it in my place!

Love your new creations too... those bags are great!

Nice to hear from you, Sxx
Saved you as a fav now so I can catch up when I get a mo...

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