Wednesday, June 03, 2009

June Update!

It has been a while since I posted anything and here's why. I am enrolled in a Marketing night class that is very intense - certainly not the fluff class I thought it would be.

I am also getting ready for 2 craft shows, the first being the Unionville show this coming Saturday June 6th. The 2nd show will be July 17, 18, 19th in the Muskokas - Bracebridge, Ontario.

Preparing for these 2 shows, while going about life isn't an easy task. Trying to come up with creative ways to display things on a budget is even trickier. I have been racking my mind on what to do about table coverings and since time is running out, I decided to make my own using drop cloths and yardage I had on hand.

My method of construction was draping, that way it was a custom fit. Not the best job I could have done, but it is completed and I am happy about that!

The covers shown here are a little wrinkled and I will probably press it the night before.
I need to do a mock set up before the show so look for more pics coming soon!


Julie said...

These are great! I have a few sheets that I use. Though, I clip them to the table.

Great job!

sewingsue said...

Lookin good -- see you Sat!

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