Friday, June 12, 2009

Studio ReVamp after the Storm

It took almost a week but I finally got my studio back together after preparing for that craft show. Everything was in a state so whenever I can't think, I re-decorate!

The only change really, was swapping my cutting/drafting table with my riveting station.

I really like the change, it seems more condusive to work and I will be forced to keep my table clear as it is the first thing to be seen when you walk in the door.

First up is where the 'business' of Sewlutions by AMO happens.

This is where I draft and cut

All Sewing is done here:

Fabric Storage

Pressing Station

Shipping and wrapping station

Riveting is done here!

Storage Shelf
The view from my window is my beautiful birch tree.
Stay tuned for my next revamp........


Urban Heirlooms said...

Beautiful job! Your room must be spacious. It looks so cheerful.

Tom Banwell said...

You must not do any leather dying. It's all so clean! Looks nothing like my shop. ;o)


OMG, you're so organized!!!! I organize and it stays that way for literally a day, MAYBE two!
Your space looks awesome though, nice view!

kim* said...

your studio =amazing

Alison said...

Your space is sensational.

Zu said...

My goodness you're so organised! I love it! I'm aspiring to have a room like that for all my yarn and crafty stuff one day. :-)

Mary said...

I need to thank you for helping me get started- finally- on my studio redo. I needed something to wake me up, and you did. Nice job, your studio is great!

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