Thursday, May 10, 2007

What a turn around!

I've been feeling tired and run down all week so I decided I needed a sick day. To my surprise I received this wonderful Mother's day card from my brother. He is in the U.S. Army and is stationed over in the desert. He is such a thoughtful man, always thinking of others. Getting this card really picked up my spirits. Thank you Rae, I love you!

Being home today I was finally able to set up my other computer in my new studio via a wireless router connection - whoo hoo!! Anyone that knows me knows I am totally binary when it comes to computers. I may be a phone tech but computers really challenge me. So I'm sitting here in the comfort of my sewing room updating my blog - how cool is that!?!


HobbyZu said...

Hey there!
You've been tagged!
Please check out my blog for the details. :-)

Happy Mothers Day by the way!

HobbyZu said...

lol I started to answer your questions on my blog than realized I should put the answer on your blog to make sure you get it! Duh! :-)
I barely know anyone I tagged besides you! A few I've met over the past few weeks and a couple I just happened to see there blogs yesterday and thought they were nice. I'm new to this as well and hope I haven't done anything wrong! lol
Just copy the tag info at the top of my blog entry onto your own entry, then do your 7 facts and list the 7 people you choose. Then make sure you let them know you tagged them and tell them to look at your blog for the rules.
I hope that helped! (you also don't have to write as much as I did; I got carried away!) :-)


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