Monday, October 02, 2006

Mr2Nice123:– A single 40-somethings guide to dating

Where to meet single guys? Not at a fabric store!

OK, so I’ve decided to start dating. There are a host of problems this raises:
1) Usually dating involves more than one person (going to the movies by myself does not count as a date, even if I have great taste in movies and am fantastic company)
2) Usually this person is the opposite sex. For me, at least

So just exactly how do you find a date? And, as importantly….

Where do you find time to date?

Finding time is difficult. We are talking (ideally) two people with busy lives already. Intelligent, attractive people with outside interests. Kids. Jobs. Two different schedules. In the same city. And, in my case two jobs, volunteer activities, family to visit, after school activities, part time college (2 courses this semester). So I calculated; this leaves approximately the hours between 7 pm Saturday and 10:00 am Sundays. Unless there is an assignment due. Oh, and did I mention that I have a dog to walk???

Now the above paragraph is making some assumptions, as you can see. That I am looking for an intelligent attractive male with kids. Who lives near me. With a job. And, by the way as I am really tall – so he has to be over 6 ft 1”. Oh, and my age. And looking for someone like me.

Notice I have really narrowed it down -- you note without actually assuming we would have something in common, Probably there are only 5 men within an hour of where I live that fit this description!!!

How do you find someone? I guess other single friends (none of my single friends live within 500 miles of me). Work? Well since one of my jobs is in a Fabric Store, you can guess the quantity of males that come through the door. My new second job in a real estate office may offer more hope, especially if I offer to help all the divorced males looking to buy a house some TLC. My Mom’s friends unmarried sons? EEEK (As a matter of fact I’m not even telling her I’m looking!) Bumping into old High School classmates? More about that subject to come…..

So with few other resources, I have stepped into the murky depths of Online Dating. Did I mention Voldemort Lite* was using online dating services while we were married? Which makes me very very cautious…..will it be Heaven or Hell??

*see previous post


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