Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mr2Nice123:– A single 40-somethings guide to dating

Real live men – as confusing as they ever were!

While I have made the plunge on the on-line dating sites, I have not ignored the old fashioned way to meet men, live and in person. (OK, I’ll admit, before I was married MY old fashioned way to meet men often included several shooters, a bar and loud music). While my job in a fabric store offered slim pickings’ in the male department, I did happen to meet one in my neighborhood.

Now this guy and I go WAY back. To high school, in fact, where we knew each other but weren’t friends. By coincidence we have both moved to the same area and have run into each other at various times during fifteen years or so I have lived around here, although each of us has moved, been married, had kids and subsequently divorced during that time. Now he lives a couple of blocks from me, and we would chat a while if we bumped into each other.

Being the clever gal that I am (and he being tall, cute, eligible, without facial hair and able to string several intelligible sentences together) I put a plan of action together. Namely asking for referrals for household repairs. Which, of course necessitated the Exchange of Phone Numbers.

So far so good. I took the plunge after he hinted several times that, as a single parent I should make sure I had fun, took care of myself, etc. So I asked him if he would like to go for a beer.

His response? “I’m really busy”, followed by “a list-of-why-I’m-so-busy”... OK, I can deal with a brush off. After several supportive calls to Arlene who convinced me it’s Him not Me.

So now the confusing part. A couple of weeks later, we meet again. He invites himself over to my place. We have some beers and a long talk, having similar experiences with life & kids etc. We make out. Sex ensues. (rationalization: I HAD to sleep with someone else than my ex). We meet again about a week later. I get the “too busy to get involved with anyone right now” brush off again.

More calls to Arlene who is convinced he was Raised on a Planet that does Not have the Same Social Rules as Earth.

Anyway, even though I am confused, I like the sex. So now we have a Booty Call arrangement. And I am less confused, although some days I feel like the neighborhood Sam from Sex and the City.

Which can’t be a bad thing, can it???


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