Monday, October 30, 2006

Mr2Nice123: - A single 40-somethings guide to dating

An actual date with a real live guy!!

Yes, have been on an actual date with a real live guy, whom I met on line. It was for coffee. He was not someone I thought I would really “click” with, but you never know right?

I was also very interested in finding out whether he was ‘as advertised’ in all ways - did he look like his picture? Was he accurate in his descriptions? Did his personality really come through in his e-mails? Enquiring minds want to know!!

Also we did not speak on the phone beforehand, so I really only had a sense of his personality through the e-mails.

My expectation going in was he would be nice and polite from the e-mails, but not perhaps fun or flirty. And guess what, it was exactly as I thought!

He did look exactly as he described himself, and the picture was recent. He was definitely polite and nice. However he obviously had not read up on dating.

Now, I will back up a bit - I am a research nut. I try not to get too much information, which can be confusing, but I tend to try and sort through a pile of information, digest it and apply what I think works best for me. So I researched dating and flirting a lot. And there are some cardinal ‘first date’ rules. Like no ‘ex’ talk, be prepared with some fun flirty questions. Lots of eye contact and open body language. Not too revealing with the personal details. Dress up a bit to show some effort.

So he came in work clothes (ok, well he did come from work, but you can take a change of clothes). I got some angry ‘ex’ stories (baggage). No eye contact (nervous? intimidated? schitzo?) so who knows? Light flirty conversation? Well, not if you count his ‘ligament injury’ story. And lots of personal details. Oh and he tried to kiss me after - I did an involuntary cheek turn!

Now I don’t want to sound too harsh, he did send me a lovely e-mail the next day.

So, interesting all in all, but no chemistry!

I do have another date this week with another guy….I have had an actual phone conversation with him that went well, he sounds fun and easy to talk to. His e-mails are full of personality, so I am looking forward to meeting him and will give you an update later!!


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