Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mr2Nice123: A single 40-somethings guide to dating

On-line Dating the: The First 3 weeks

Well, you must be asking breathlessly what about the on-line dating? I have to say it is extremely entertaining so far! Let me break it into categories for you:

1. The Intense Romantic from Far Away Guy

Yes, I have had several, all coincidentally from England who, apparently I am their Soulmate. Strange, intimate, flowery e-mails I share with you an excerpt: (sic)

“I never believed there are angels like you will be on this site, seeing your profile has really made me forget to ask how u are doing.well let me not be taken away by your beauty, I must tell you the truth you among the wonders of Gods beauty U re the best...”

Each hopes distance is not an object. Guess, what it is!. If I can’t find a man to date me within 25 miles, I should not be doing this at all!! The creepiest thing is that I have had more than one profession of love like this. Ick.

2. Distance Should Not Be an Object to my Studliness Guy

Guess what, it is. Yes, even if you come to my city regularly. See above.

3. You’re Too Young Guy

If you’re too young, I know what you want. And I can get that pretty regularly already, thanks!

4. The Too Short Guy

Sorry, you may be a nice person. But I mean it when I have a height requirement. Please don’t make me tell you you’re too short. I get to choose here, not you.

5. The Intense Guy

Really, I don’t want to hear about past experiences with your evil ex. As a matter of fact, in the battle of the Evil Ex’s I would win. Hands down (Arlene will back me up here) so don’t even try. Hire a therapist and lighten up!!!

6. The Trailer Park Guy

Now you’re scaring me, what about my profile says !Trailer Park! to you???

7. The Guy Who Gives Good IM

He’s cute, he’s funny, he’s smart, he’s flirtatious. Then no communication for a week at a time. Is he married? Is the computer the means to the end for this guy? Will we ever meet in person???

…..stay tuned!


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